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Triki Miki Traits

Triki Miki is distinguished by the superior length of her hair. If a diminutive Dollikin has straight, middle-parted, red hair that extends past her butt, she's Triki Miki, not the redheaded LMD. In a second common version (illustrated here), Miki sports side-parted full-length blonde hair, with a hard curl at the ends.


There are two possible candidates for the brunette Miki: one, which has turned up MIB, sports a brunette version of the blonde Miki hairdo; the other, a much rarer doll, which I've never seen MIB, has middle-parted hair that falls to the top of her thighs, a length that seems more appropriate to Miki. (This doll is the model for the Little Miss Dis-Located? section of this site.) The African-American Triki Miki was also issued with these two variant hairdos.


What a thrill to finally be able to display high-quality photos of that elusive Miki, the African-American version, who had up till now only appeared fleetingly on the web and in less than pristine condition. This Miki went for a reasonable fifty-six dollars and change at auction in fall 2002. The pink shoes that she wears in the photo at left are not original, but they are divine. Thanks to seller for this shot. My own Miki appears at right, sporting the side-parted hairdo and an unidentified jumpsuit.


Triki Miki's basic outfit clearly distinguishes her from Little Miss Dollikin. The cotton jumpsuit is loosely belted with a plain green polyester sash. The suit comes in two distinct variations on the same pattern, which is an orange background with large pink, white and green flowers. In the more common variation, the orange shades to yellow, and the print is dominated by white flowers edged in pink.
The second print, in a deeper orange, features a more sophisticated distribution of the flowers, allowing for empty spaces and a clever blending of the orange and pink. There is also a looser-fitting and more coarsely woven version of the jumpsuit, with an unsightly seam bisecting the top. Ordinarily, these patterns wouldn't be the best camouflage for a jungle adventure, but Miki strikes at night.



It's smart to wait for an auction lot that features a handful of LMDs or Mikis with case and clothes because the cost is ultimately lower.


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