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Action Girl Attributes

Palitoy's Action Girl differs from the American Dollikin in two major features. Thanks to Judy Bennett, moderator of Yahoo's new Action Girl Group, I can confirm that Action Girl's face paint is indeed different from Dollikin's: the UK doll, pictured twice at right, has pale-blue side-glancing eyes and no eyelashes, while the US version, below, has centred darker blue eyes with large irises and long lashes. Perhaps wisely, Action Girl has eliminated the miniature ponytail that otherwise defines the basic hairdo of the US Dollikin. Action Girl appeared in five different haircolours: redhead, dark brunette, light brunette, platinum blonde and gold-streaked blonde. Although Dancing Action Girl has rubber legs, the basic Action Girl has jointed legs like her US cousin.


At one point, Action Girl was sold wearing the familiar Dollikin jumpsuit and sash outfit, but she also appeared in an original ensemble. This outfit features wide-bottomed cuffed pants and a floral blouse with a yoke that matches the pants. These were paired in relatively ugly colour combinations like blue, orange or lilac pants with the predominantly brown blouse.
The box graphics illustrate an upper-crusty milieu, with the emphasis on car and horse racing. Whille the first box conjures up James-Bond-like exploits on the continent, the second focuses on Action Girl's Ascot attire. It looks as though the second box was drawn by the artist who created Palitoy's fabulous Pippa illustrations. Download the photos of the Action Girls in their boxes to get a closer look at the graphics.



Dollydoodah has posted an Action Girl fashion booklet that features photos of our girl in a dozen of her swingingest outfits. (Unfortunately, Palitoy's sets are as cheap as mine!)
Doll experts will notice that Action Girl not only shared
outfits with Dollikin, but also borrowed one of Maddie Mod's most dramatic dresses.



Palitoy's creation of a Dancing Action Girl, who came clad in a frothy pink party-dress, seems like a retraction of their initial bid to empower a female doll.

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