s t .  t r o p e z  d e u x

The international search for Daisy St. Tropez's outfit continues. Here, my original Daisy St. Tropez, in a Princess Leia do, pairs a nineteen-eighties top from a Toronto jumble sale with her floral skirt, also originally purchased in Toronto back in 1976. Daisy Bees Knees got her skirt in Hayward, NoCal, and wears it with the tube top from Clementine, imported direct from London. Dotty wears the Disco Girls dress from Sunflower, a European creation that came to her via Guam. Since this photo was shot, the girls acquired another St. Tropez skirt from Love Saves the Day in NYC. Clearly, small children everywhere are eating the St. Tropez tops! Daisy fans should note that the US versions of the skirt are longer, made of a thinner fabric, and printed in a bluer shade of blue than the Canadian version, which flirts with teal.