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Mod Modes


Friends don't let friends dress like this.
Attempting to stop her pal from stepping out in Mad Plaid, an ensemble sold for both Maddie Mod and Missy-Mod dolls, Dollikin risks criticism of her own shapeless outfit, a Modern Miss look named Flower Power.



Although the Flower Power outfit is one of the more misguided products of the late 1960s, the Modern Miss line, with its "groovy clothes for little swingers," did offer some lovely outfits that might have brought out Dollikin's softer side.


Who would do this to a doll?
Despite having herself made the mistake of donning an elephant-legged bright blue corduroy suit, Dollikin turns in disgust from her friend's loud tunic and pants ensemble, which mixes a pink, gold and green floral fabric with sleeves made of red-dotted swiss. (Neither of these outfits has been traced to its manufacturer.)


The number of knockoff dolls with mod wardrobes is astounding. Jenny Joans' graphic suit is one of my nominees for a Dollikin-friendly look. The outfit reminds me of Dollikin's Suits Me, far right, with its startling lime-green purse and shoes. Very slick indeed.