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Dressing Dollikin Part IV


Here's Dollikin in Maddie Mod's Weather Leather, a brown version with a muted gold and green scarf. The outfit is labeled PGD Hong Kong, for Princess Grace Dolls. This ensemble included yellow lensless glasses, but Dollikin prefers contacts.


Another Maddie Mod outfit with a Mego 1970 label, although the design is a couple of years older, Green with Envy. I bought the Princess Grace and Mego outfits mint-on-card from two different dealers at the Hayward doll show in Northern California. This played-with Action Donna's hair had gone frizzy at the bottom, so I cut it into a saucy flip.



Uneeda's Suits Me is disappointing compared to the original model, which is cut close to the body. Dollikin is swimming in her suit and her gold-strapped, fringed purse does not match the outfit. The green boots which came with the outfit are far too small for Dollikin's feet. Not shown: the scarf in white, pale-blue and pale-pink.