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Dressing Dollikin Part II

Our girl is all set to sleuth in Great Lengths, an official Dollikin outfit. I bought this coat, hat, scarf and boots ensemble mint-in-package at the giant Eastern National Doll Show, which is held twice a year just outside Washington, DC. There were very few seventies toys, but one dealer had a Redux Dollikin with long brown hair instead of the usual blonde or redhead doll.


Pair Maddie Mod's silver-threaded lace wedding dress with Barbie's rubber lace-up boots and this golden-blonde Dollikin is dressed to kick ass!


Dollikin looks pensive on a rainy spring evening. This mint condition Dollikin came dressed in an authentic outfit, Stormy Weather (missing the hat and scarf, unfortunately). I was the only bidder for this doll and won her for less than ten bucks. Has no one else tuned in to Dollikin's fashion vibe?