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Dollikin Details

The basic Dollikin, who first appeared in 1969, has long, pin-straight blonde, red or light-black hair. A ribbon-tied miniature ponytail bobs above full, straight bangs. At right, two mint-condition blonde basic Dollikins sport the rose-pink and baby-blue variations of the standard jumpsuit, while a played-with redhead wears the most-common golden-yellow version. Hair ribbons and boots coordinate to match the jumpsuits, with red for yellow, hot pink for blue and pale pink for rose. Each of the long multicoloured sashes that coordinates with these outfits is edged to exactly match the jumpsuit.
An eBay bidder won't have to wait long to win a reasonably priced redhead Dollikin in a yellow jumpsuit, with, say, two out of three of the original accents. Because Dollikin is not scarce, it is unwise to spend a lot on partially outfitted or nude dolls. While the dolls themselves are widely available, Dollikin jumpsuits and accessories appear infrequently on eBay, so don't plan on outfitting a nude doll in her original costume. Collectors who seek boxed dolls can win one on eBay for around forty dollars, depending on who is bidding. Box quality is usually poor, particularly because the basic Dollikin box features flaps that may be mangled or torn off altogether.


The brunette basic Dollikin turns up less frequently than the others on eBay, and only rarely mint-in-box. Evidence suggests that she came dressed in either the typical blue jumpsuit or in a much rarer green jumpsuit. (The Health Center set is clearly not a Dollikin item. Exercise is an 80s thing.)


The basic Dollikin occasionally shows up in a redux version where she's packaged with two extra outfits drawn from the lower end of Dollikin's "Hi-Fashion Wardrobe."


At some point, otherwise basic Dollikins were sold wearing earrings. Enough of these bejewelled dolls have come up for auction to rule out the possibility that a single doll's earrings were glued on by a bauble-loving owner.



The Action Dollikin or Action Donna has an entirely different hairdo, which is side-parted on her right and pulled into a full, curly ponytail that hovers above her left shoulder. In place of bangs, Dollikin's front locks fall diagonally across her forehead. Action Dollikin, first introduced in 1973, came with platinum-blonde or jet-black hair. The blonde wears a black jumpsuit with white boots, and the brunette wears white with black. Both wear the same transparent white sash spotted in black, red, pink and green. Unlike the basic Dollikin, whose boots are removable, the Action dolls' boots are bolted to their ankles.
Action Donna was a WT Grants store exclusive: she is the redhead of the Action crew and sports a pale pink jumpsuit with the same dotted sash. To view Action Donna mint-in-box, visit Val's Dollikins.
Sellers on eBay usually don't note that the ponytailed Dollikin is a rarer "Action" variation on the straight-haired basic version, so one has to check all the Dollikin listings to find the Action dolls loose.


Uneeda's last variation on Dollikin was actually a revival. Issued in 1982, this doll featured the familiar face from the earlier versions, enhanced with era-appropriate lavender eyeshadow. The '82 Dollikin wears shoulder-length hair tied into bushy ponytails, and she sports a baggy jumpsuit inspired by fitness wear. The box depicts the blonde doll in red or blue and the brunette in yellow. The blonde was also available in white. Dollikin's body is all-new for the 80s, composed entirely of foam on a wire frame. Although she is as poseable as ever, Dollikin is now a lousy candidate for hotpants and a crop top!



Here are some scrambled Dollikins. If you're a Dollikin expert, you'll be able to sort these two gals out.

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